The impact of Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation (COVID-19 Emergency Response) Regulation 2020

Recent changes to Queensland legislation relevant to reside….


How To Raise The Value Of Your Strata Investment

You have invested in property, so you’re naturally going to want to maximise its value. There are number of things you can…

building sustainability

How building sustainability can be a communal activity

Going greener in your scheme is beneficial for everyone. Achieving building sustainability is a community activity. Here’s how.

balcony garden

Things to consider when creating a balcony garden

Creating a balcony garden – discover what you need to check on, how to plan, what to plant and important maintenance tips.

buying into a strata scheme

Things That Must be Disclosed when Buying a Lot in a Scheme

A checklist of info you should be given and things you need to know before you settle on your new unit.

apartment investors

Apartment Investors – Is Your New Unit in a Sick Building?

Apartment investors – things you need to check out before buying a high-rise unit, so you don’t end up as an owner in a future ghetto

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Strata Title in QLD

Even though it’s practised in countries all over the world today, the concept of strata title as a property ownership…

Corporate Committee

How to Join a Body Corporate Committee

A Lot owner who is an investor in a Body Corporate can join the Body Corporate Committee the same way…