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Your Body Corporate and Pets QLD

Body corporate and pets QLD is a common concern. We recommend following this process to seek approval for keeping a pet in your unit.

Questions about pets in strata schemes are a common concern. In fact, we receive enquiries about this nearly every week from people asking ‘can we have a pet in our apartment?’

Body Corporate and Pets QLD

One concerned (soon to be) Lot Owner contacted Tower Body Corporate with the following request for information:

We have just purchased a townhouse in Queensland & would like to know the procedures for getting approval to have a small pet in our lot. We thought it would be best to get organised now, well before moving day.

Kelly Borell from the Tower office provided the following advice for obtaining strata approval for your pet.

Great idea. We agree now would be the perfect time to sort out this issue!

If you want to keep an animal on your lot, the first step is to check your scheme’s by-laws to see if there are any particular rules about pets.  The by-laws should also tell you if you need to ask permission from your body corporate to keep an animal.

If the Pet by-laws aren’t clear or do state that you need permission, the next step is to apply in writing to your Body Corporate for approval for the pet. All pets, regardless of what type of animal, be it a cat, dog, guinea pig or lizard, should be applied for and approval obtained before bringing it onto the Lot.

When applying for the approval, include as much detail about the animal as possible. Any approval is given for that specific animal only. Application for further approval is required for additional or replacement animals.

If approved, the body corporate may place conditions on the approval.

Examples of conditions may be:

  • the animal is not be allowed to roam on common property
  • any mess caused by the animal must be cleaned up immediately
  • valid complaints about the animal may result in body corporate approval being revoked.

If the body corporate refuses to approve the pet, there are avenues that Lot Owners can take to have the decision possibly overturned. See what the Body Corporate advises first. There may be no issues at all and approval may go smoothly.

If you require further information about Body Corporate and pets in Qld or even more information about strata legislation in Qld, you may wish to view these articles:


2 replies on “Your Body Corporate and Pets QLD”

I live in a high rise unit block on the gold coast & our body corporate says that I must carry my poodle thru the foyer on my way outside. Do they have the right to make me do this?Why can’t I just walk my dog thru with a leash?

Hi Rodney,

You’d have to check the by-laws for your site but it is not uncommon to see by-laws that state that pets must be carried when on common property. I suppose the rationale behind this would be to protect the floors from any potential damage and to ensure that the animals did not approach other occupants who did not want the attention. If the system doesn’t work for you you could ask for the by-law to be reviewed at the next committee meeting or look to table an amendment at a future meeting.

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