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  • Body Corporate Meeting notices

  • Meeting minutes

  • All statutory compliance to the BCCMA and other Fire and Plant registration compliance

  • Pragmatic approach to all matters for committee, building issues and lot owner issues

  • Insurance coverage and renewals and processing of insurance claims

  • Liaison with legal counsel with regard to legal issues

  • Proven systems for levy debt recovery and liaison with levy recovery specialists

  • Budgeting

  • Record keeping

  • Payment of supplier invoices

  • Banking, processing and updating financials and lot owner accounts

  • Setup and monitoring of Term Deposit accounts

  • Engaging audit firms and preparing and submitting accounts for external audit

  • Processing of BAS and TAX returns (in conjunction with a tax agent)

  • Organise maintenance and meet onsite with contractors as and when required

  • The latest technology for efficient action

  • Body Corporate building insurance

A Tower Body Corporate we specialise in conflict and dispute resolution, saving time, energy and a lot of stress for your body corporate committee members.

We’re experienced at finding a suitable and sustainable solution in the event of a dispute between the building manager, the body corporate committee and the lot owners. We can assist with any dispute regarding body corporate administration to ensure the best interests of the building are protected and upheld.

In the event that the dispute resolution management is ineffective, we can help to guide the parties through the next steps towards finding a solution.

Our mediation service includes:

  • Assistance in document preparation for matters going before the conciliator at the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management; or
  • Assistance in document preparation and application preparation for matters going before the Adjudicato
  • All statutory compliance to the BCCMA
  • Reviewing stand alone schemes to schemes with Principle and Subsidiary schemes, volumetric lots and BMS (building management statements) and BMG (building management groups)
  • Insurance issues prior to registration of body corporate
  • Assistance with timing and preparation of CMS for lodgement for registration.
  • All statutory compliance to the BCCMA of restrictions around and opportunities for review
  • Advice and document preparation for Lot entitlement review

Building towards the future

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