buying into a strata scheme

Things That Must be Disclosed when Buying a Lot in a Scheme

A checklist of info you should be given and things you need to know before you settle on your new unit.

proxy votes

Proxy Votes: should you give your voting right to someone else?

Gathering proxy votes is common practice in body corporates. It’s a way for active lot owners to gain more votes…

combustible cladding deadline

Combustible cladding registration deadline looms for property owners

Fines of up to $2,611 may be incurred by Owners/Committees who don’t register by 29 March.

Tenants Hanging Pictures

Can tenants hang pictures in a rental property?

Nothing makes a property feel more like home than hanging pictures. As a renter, however, you may or may not…

body corporate levy payments

What are the options for paying your body corporate levies?

How often are you required to pay Body Corporate levies, and what happens if you don’t pay on time? Owning…

body corporate fees

What happens to the money you pay for body corporate fees?

“What happens to the money I pay out in body corporate fees?” is one of the most common questions we…


How will you get along with your neighbours this Christmas?

Strata Community harmony is important. Here’s 4 great ideas for helping your neighbours to get along with each other this Festive Season.

apartment investors

Apartment Investors – Is Your New Unit in a Sick Building?

Apartment investors – things you need to check out before buying a high-rise unit, so you don’t end up as an owner in a future ghetto