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April Edition

Welcome to this edition of Strata News!

We hope you had an enjoyable long weekend, regardless of the rough weather. This edition, Kelly Borell answers the question "Can I have a pet in my apartment" and Hynes Legal discusses the current state of smoking in strata

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Your Body Corporate and Pets

Tower Body Corporate
A few lot owners have contacted our office this week with questions along the lines of "can I have a pet in my apartment?" Kelly Borell provides some step by step instructions.

Secret ballots for committee elections: how do they work?

Chris Irons, Commissioner,
This article is intended to clear up some of those unknowns around secret ballots for committee elections.

Membership Benefits of Unit Owners Association of Queensland (UOAQ)

Wayne Stevens (UOAQ President)
What are the membership benefits of the Unit Owners Association of Queensland from both the perspective of an individual lot owner or a strata building?

Smoking in Strata

Hynes Legal
We have no idea how we haven’t written about this issue before but in terms of frequently asked questions in strata this is one of the biggies.
If you want to know the rules about smoking in (Queensland) strata, read on.

Latest News


Brisbane unit prices fall for seventh consecutive quarter

Jason Quelch, Domain
22 Apr

The price of a unit in Brisbane is at its cheapest in nearly two years with the median price slumping again for the seventh consecutive quarter.

The latest Domain Group quarterly house price report showed the median price of Brisbane units had fallen to $367,058.

Sustainability Infrastructure and Strata Title Law

Chiara Pacifici, Sourceable
22 Apr

When you purchase a strata titled unit in many states in Australia, it is unlikely you will be able to improve its individual operational performance without the consent of the owners corporation.

Brisbane developer designs Australia’s first residential suspended pool

Jason Quelch, Domain
19 Apr

A Rooftop pool may seem like a must nowadays, but one Australian developer is taking it to another level.   

A sky-high pool that will have swimmers floating between apartment towers is on the edge of becoming a reality for Brisbane, with a new development set to host the country’s first residential suspended pool.

Inside Six Of The Most Iconic Projects On The Gold Coast

The Urban Developer
18 Apr

Which one is your favourite?

Q&A Building Warranty Period & Inspecting Prior to Expiry

Allana Agnew, ClarkeKann Lawyers
5 April
Is it worth the money getting a very detailed building report done prior to the warranty expire period of a new building? What would be the pros and cons of carrying out this report?

Brisbane's high-rise 'spiderman' burglar about to strike again: Police

Nathanael Cooper, Brisbane Times
31 Mar

Police are warning residents to be vigilant for a "spiderman" burglar who they believe is so agile he can scale the side of buildings.
Fire Door

National Property Clock - April 2016 Apartments

Herron Todd White
The Herron Todd White team have taken a look at their service areas and identified all the gentrification hotspots throughout the nation worthy of your attention. 
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