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 February Edition

Here is what's happening this month:

Concrete cancer concerns, duties of the building manager and the Proposed BCCM Act review plus details on how you can have your say on the reforms. Comments are due on the proposed changes by the 5th May.

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Proposed BCCM Act review recommendations announced

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
The proposed BCCM Act review deals with strata issues such as Towing of cars, Pets, Smoking, Overcrowding, Fining occupiers for breaching by-laws, Debt recovery costs, Australian addresses for service, and Scheme termination.

Q&A What are the Duties of a Building Manager?

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Question: What are the duties of a building manager / caretaker when it comes to providing relevant information to committee members before a vote is taken?

The Age of Concrete Cancer

BRS Building Rectification Services
Hi-rise apartment buildings built back in the 1970s have been the hot topic of discussion, as the effects of concrete cancer are starting to show, some with disastrous outcomes.

Review of property law in Queensland

The Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management
Before making any decisions about possible changes to the current laws on body corporate by-laws, debt recovery and scheme termination, the Queensland Government would like to hear the views of lot owners, committees, body corporate service professionals and anyone else with an interest in community titles schemes.
You are invited to provide feedback. Consultation closes on 5 May 2017.

By Request:

We have been asked for information about terminating a strata scheme for redevelopment. What is happening here in Queensland, and how about around the rest of Australia?

This month, we focus on what is happening here in Queensland. Frank Higginson's Proposed BCCM Act review article covers this aspect of the proposed reforms in detail. Also:

Forced sales may occur under proposed changes to Queensland body corporate laws

Jimmy Thomson, Domain

Queensland unit owners could soon be forced to sell their homes against their will if 75 per cent of the neighbours in their block agree.

And even if the “forced sale” vote threshold is not reached, individual owners and body corporates will be able to appeal to a District Court to push their plans through, under proposed changes to apartment laws.

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Latest News

Queensland Calls for Feedback on Strata Law Overhaul

Andrew Heaton, Sourceable
22 Feb

Restrictive laws which require 100 per cent agreement before strata schemes can be terminated could be amended and new powers could be granted to owners corporations in respect of pets, smoking and vehicle towaways as part of recommended changes upon which the Queensland government is seeking feedback.  


Take A Look Inside The New Gold Coast

The Urban Developer
20 Feb

The Gold Coast Integrated Resort (GCIR) is an estimated $3 billion project encompassing the Gold Coast’s largest tourism project in decades, providing a new global waterfront destination.


Queensland unit owners could be banned from smoking, having pets under proposed new laws

Jimmy Thomson, Domain
16 Feb

Bans on pets, restrictions on smoking, the right to tow rogue parkers’ cars and body corporates being able to issue their own fines for by-law breaches are all included in radical changes proposed for Queensland’s strata laws.


New Brisbane CBD Neighbourhood Plan: 50 New Towers In 20 Years

The Urban Developer
16 Feb

On Tuesday 14 February 2017, Council adopted the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan together with consequential amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014. The new City Centre Neighbourhood Plan becomes effective on Friday 24 March 2017.


Families in city apartments: The social change our planners missed

Tony Moore, Brisbane Times
16 Feb

Stephanie Jolly lives in an apartment at Stones Corner with her partner, Greg, and two young daughters. She is a perfect example of a social change that Queensland planners and demographers have missed.

$6.3 billion project to drive population boom

Joel Gould, The Queensland Times
14 Feb

THE TEN thousand apartments to be built at Springfield Central are set to transform Ipswich and contribute up to a stunning 10% of the city's predicted population growth in the next two decades.
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