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Welcome to the January edition  of  Tower's monthly newsletter

Happy New Year! We hope you were able to enjoy a lovely break over the holiday period. Here we are almost at the end of January. Are you getting used to writing 2015 yet?

The year has started out very busy at Tower. We arrived back in the office bright and early on the 12th January and the phone has hardly stopped ringing since we returned to work. We hope everyone has stayed safe and cool in the crazy weather that we have had recently.

There have been lots of reports in the media about banning smoking on balconies. We have provided you with more information on this topic, as well as information about strata levies and the role of the committee. Find out about all of this and much more below!

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Beware Strata Levies That Are Too Low!

Lisa Rutland,

Low strata fees are only good if that is genuinely how much it costs to run the body corporate. Be sure to do your homework and find out if that is the case!

The Role of the Committee

Understanding how a body corporate committee works can be daunting. This FactSheet outlines the role of the committee, including day to day management requirements.

The BCCM factsheet can be accessed here

How to Protect Your Body Corporate Investment

Tower Body Corporate

Is a body corporate committee responsible for looking after your body corporate investment? Do they have your best interests at heart?


Does a body corporate have to include all submitted motions on a general meeting agenda?

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal

If a motion is submitted by an owner before the end of the body corporates financial year, then it must go on the AGM agenda.


Latest News

Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast set to break property records

Rosanne Barrett, The Australian
Off-the-plan apartments sales have reached unprecedented numbers and records are expected to be smashed this year. Construction is ramping up across inner city and suburban Brisbane.


Caloundra record penthouse sale at $4.25 million


Jonathan Chancellor, Property Observer

A two-level penthouse on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has set a new Caloundra apartment price record of $4.25 million.


High-rise unit owners urged to vote out LNP after law changes force body corporate fees to skyrocket


Kathleen Skene, Gold Coast Bulletin

A GROUP representing unit owners in some of the Gold Coast’s biggest high-rises is urging residents to vote down the LNP following law changes that saw body corporate fees go through the roof.


New hotspot for Brisbane apartment development

APARTMENT development has reached unprecedented levels in Brisbane, and future projects are heading to a new side of town.


ASF says Wavebreak Island could be home to 20,000 people once resort and terminal completed


ANDREW POTTS, Gold Coast Bulletin

The $7.5 billion project’s future remains in limbo but consortium bosses are pushing ahead with selling the development as “the Gold Coast’s newest suburb”.

Balcony smoking ban under consideration in Queensland


Natalie Bochenski, Brisbane Times

Queenslanders are being asked whether they would support a ban on smoking on Queensland unit balconies.

A government-commissioned QUT review of property law has found "smoke drift" can settle in adjoining flats or townhouses, forcing non-smokers to lock themselves in to avoid it.

FactSheet - Strata Smoking

Looking for information about smoking in apartments?

Try the LookUpStrata FactSheet: Starta Smoking

Find links to resources, mixed media, ebooks as well as articles and all of the latest news concerning smoking in units.....

All contained in one convenient FactSheet....EXCELLENT!