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End of Tax Year Edition!

This year is flying past. It seems as if it will be December before we know it. In this month’s newsletter you will find our second article providing some useful tips and hints for all owners within Tower Body Corporates managed buildings. This article is in relation to the end of year tax reports that will be available for all of our owners.

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Tax Year Report for Owners

Handy Hints and Tips for Tower Body Corporate Building owners
In order to make tax time easier for all of our owners, we have a new tax report available for you for this financial year.


Brushes for Brushes: Strata Painting Services

Ben Dirschka, Leisuretex Painting Contractors
If you’ve ever been involved in obtaining quotes from a strata painting service, chances are you’ve experienced large variances in prices between contractors. One industry where this may seem more prominent than any other is the painting sector. Why is that?

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Tax time

Strata title body corporate tax return and instructions 2015

Australian Taxation Office
Strata title bodies corporate are treated as public companies under the tax law and must lodge a tax return for any year in which they derive assessable income.

Question: Has My Vote Been Unfairly Invalidated?

Lisa Rutland,
Lisa helps to explain invalid votes by answering a lot owners question from a recent EGM. Have a read of this interesting scenario and surprising response.


Latest News

Strata experts support attorney-general’s consideration to democratise bodies corporate selling processes

Thousands of people find themselves trapped as owners in rundown and concrete cancer riddled apartment blocks, which may now be costing them more to maintain than it would to knock down and rebuild.


Investors ‘under-claiming’ at tax time
Smart Property Investor

The ATO may have warned that it’s targeting property investors this year, but property owners could in fact be missing out on a number of deductions.

Gold Coast high rise cancer epidemic sparks concerns someone will be killed

Jack Houghton, Gold Coast Bulletin
CONTRACTORS are being told to paint over badly eroded concrete in our oldest high-rises because body corporates don’t have enough money to fix it.


Are We Ready for the Baby Boomers?

Andrew Heaton, Sourceable
New rules for apartment complexes inserted into the Building Code of Australia several years ago mandated accessibility in common areas and up to the front door of individual dwellings, but do not ensure the doorway itself is sufficiently wide to enable wheelchair access into the apartment or that accessibility within the dwelling itself is adequate.


Are units becoming more pet friendly?

Sky Kirkham, 612 ABC News
Have you ever tried to find an apartment that's pet friendly? It's not easy - and you'll see plenty of body corporate notes that say "no pets allowed".
But is that legal? Can a body corporate flat out refuse to accept pets?
Chris Irons is the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management.


The battle to keep potentially lethal building products out of Australia

Madeline Morris, 7:30 Report, ABC News
Cheap, highly combustible, Chinese-made cladding that doesn't meet Australian standards was installed on a Melbourne high-rise that saw fire fly up its 15 stories last year, and now the Senate has announced an inquiry into substandard building products to respond to the alarm over a growing wave of dodgy imported material making their way into Australian buildings.


Lost on Loss of Rent?
What does it really cover?

Melanie Fama, Whitbread Insurance Brokers
We seek to clear up some of the confusion surrounding Loss of Rent cover by providing information to help you understand the real features and benefits this section of your policy can offer.