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March Edition

Welcome to this edition of Strata News!

Find out about the saga of Joe the Galah, more about your Strata Insurance and how to get the most out of your common areas. We hope you enjoy the content. 

Planning some events over the next few days? Try 14 things to do this weekend on the Gold Coast.

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The saga of Joe – the unwanted galah

Hynes Legal
Our clients, who owned Joe, bought a lot in a building that had a no pet policy. We had the inevitable argument over pets. Joe had lived in a cage for his entire life. He had previously lived in a community titles scheme without issue. He was quiet and clean and didn’t squawk and annoy people.
Common improvements

From Bland to Fab – How to get your Common Areas Improved

Catherine Lezer
Looking to carry out common areas improvement work in your building? Follow this step-by-step guide to success.

Does my strata insurance cover me for everything?

Tyrone Shandiman,
Strata Insurance Solutions
The short answer is no. It is a common misconception that unit owners only need a strata insurance policy to cover their insurance needs.

Enforcing By-Laws

Body Corporate and Community Management
If a body corporate believes that an owner or occupier is breaching the by-laws, the body corporate can speak to the owner or occupier informally to try to fix the issue.
For more information about enforcing by-laws, call or email the Tower office.


Latest News


Gold Coast cashes in on tourism surge for Quiksilver Pro and Bleach* festival

Nicholas McElroy & Suzanne Simonot, Gold Coast Bulletin
10 Mar

BUSINESS is barrelling on the southern Gold Coast as events such as the Quiksilver Pro and Bleach festival help keep a bumper Christmas-New year season rolling through to this year’s early Easter.

Why Brisbane’s Perceived ‘Apartment Boom’ Is Actually Here to Stay

Brisbane Development
10 Mar

Greenfield development is officially dead in Brisbane and this article will explain why. Just one glance of Brisbane’s crane filled skyline and it is easy to see why people say and believe there is an oversupply looming. However by analysing a few obvious trends, there is a lot more than meets the eye, and statistics show a very exciting future ahead for Brisbane.

Owner Occupiers To Dominate Brisbane’s Apartment Market

Lachlan Walker, The Urban Developer
2 Mar

Buyers want to know what Brisbane is going to look like in three years’ time. How will the landscape of this city change as a result of the recent surge in apartment construction? We will discuss the future apartment market in Brisbane. How many and what types of apartments will be built and where they will be built.

Australia’s first private ‘city’ to get 10,000 apartments

Linda Cheng, ArchitectureAU
1 Mar

Developer Greater Springfield Land Corporation has unveiled a plan to build 10,000 apartments in south-east Queensland’s Greater Springfield, the first privately developed, self-proclaimed ‘city’ in Australia.

Skies filled as building sector booms on the Gold Coast: Number of cranes has more than doubled in a matter of months

Jack Houghton, Gold Coast Bulletin
26 Feb
Cranes, construction jobs and billions of dollars worth of development are flooding the Gold Coast at a pace reminiscent of the 1970s boom. Reporter Jack Houghton talks to city leaders about what is behind the growth which has turned the Coast into Queensland’s economic powerhouse.
Fire Door

National Property Clock - March 2016 Apartments

Herron Todd White
The Herron Todd White team have taken a look at their service areas and identified all the gentrification hotspots throughout the nation worthy of your attention. 
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