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In this edition we look at a variety of strata concerns, including car parking issues and whether you are able to tow a car. Talking of cars and parking, have you ever wondered if you can rent out your car space for extra cash? Find out about this and much more below!

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How Do You Do A Strata Search And Can I Do It Myself?

Lisa Rutland,

There is no reason that buyers can’t do a strata searches. OK, body corporate records are long and sometimes really involved, but that’s not a reason to avoid them.
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Do you pay for Committee Members to sit on your Body Corporate Board?

Are you an owner in a Body Corporate where members are claiming payment for their service to the committee? If so, are you aware whether approval for payment has been carried out by following the correct procedure?

If you have ANY questions about this topic or you would like further information, contact Kelly at Tower on (07) 5609 4924.
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Can a body corporate tow a car?

Frank Higginson,
Hynes Legal

Enforcement of by-laws, including strata car parking concerns, is a committee issue. There is no scope under the BCCM Act for anyone to solve an issue on their own terms.

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General meeting disputes - some points to consider

Robert Walker, BCCM

The BCCM office regularly receives applications for dispute resolution seeking to have a general meeting of a body corporate, or a resolution passed at a general meeting, declared void on procedural grounds.

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Latest News


Girl's balcony fall no shock to safety group

Brisbane Times
A children's safety group says a four-year-old girl's fall from a Gold Coast high-rise building should act as a wake-up call over the safety of many balconies and balustrades.


Health and high-rise living: is density bad for you?

ABC News
Higher-density living can offer many benefits to your health. It can make it easier to walk or cycle to work, nurture one's sense of belonging and community, and even increase access to fresh fruit and veg!
But on the other side of the ledger, there are questions about air and noise pollution, stress, and access to open space.
So how do we get the balance right?
Listen to the ABC podcast. Let us know your thoughts!


Can I bring my dog, too?

Sue Williams, SMH
Pet industry consultant and apartment project manager Susie Willis says there's a general consensus that pet bans cost apartment owners between 5 and 10 per cent in capital growth, and about the same percentage in rental yields for investors.


Owners' groups fight new strata legislation

The Unit Owners Association of Queensland is urging the Queensland government and it's attorney-general to review body corporate legislation that permits developers selling 25 year management rights agreements.


Strata body warns Brisbane members over G20 terrorism cover
With Brisbane on high security alert for the G20 leaders’ summit on November 15-16, strata managers in the CBD and South Bank precincts have been warned their insurance policies may not cover terrorist attacks.

City carparking: Can I rent my spare spot?

The Buzz, Bees Nees

No-one should be embarrassed asking this question about the right to rent out a spare carpark. How you use your carpark is governed by your by-laws and unless they say you can’t rent it independently of your apartment, it’s likely you can.

It’s a double-edged sword however, so you do need to read your by-laws carefully.

There’s a good chance your neighbour’s wondering the same thing!

Strata Resource - made just for Queenslanders

Looking for great Queensland Strata information?

Try the LookUpStrata FactSheet: Strata Legislation for Queensland

Find links to legislation, strata forms as well as information about parking, pets, levies, common property, selling, renting, buying.....

It is all there in one convenient FactSheet....EXCELLENT!

Are you ready? The RETUNE date for
Gold Coast is 28 October!

The retune is the final step in the move to digital-only TV. It’s happening because some TV channels are being moved to make room for new services. You might lose some (or all) of your TV channels if you don’t retune.

For further information, FAQs and dates for all other areas, visit the Australian Government Retune site.

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