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April 21 Newsletter

Welcome to the April edition of Tower News.

After a fallow period during Covid, property prices across the country are starting to boom again with South East Queensland seeing some substantial rises. That’s good news for property owners, but if you want to get the maximum return from your body corporate scheme, either as a home or an investment, you need to make sure every aspect of the building is well maintained.

This month we take a look at one of the essential tools for body corporates to achieve that – the sinking fund forecast. Some readers may be drifting away already, but if you feel your scheme could use some improvement a review of your forecast may be the best place to start making a positive change.

Elsewhere in this issue:

  • Pet approval for 2 dogs when your bylaws say you can only have one
  • Dealing with poor behaviour at a meeting
  • Plus much more...

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That Sinking Feeling – Your Sinking Fund Forecast

Tower Body Corporate
When was the last time your scheme really had a look at its sinking fund forecast? That is, really had a look and considered the recommendations for savings and maintenance and thought about where your site sits within them. 


Q&A What does the Sinking Fund Forecast Contain?

Tower Body Corporate
As documents go, sinking fund forecasts aren’t that too hard to read, but they are packed full of information about the running of a body corporate scheme that’s easy to overlook.


Q&A Seeking Pet Approval from Your Body Corporate?

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
QUESTION: We have just purchased an apartment with bylaws stating one dog is allowed but it must be under 10 kg. We have two dogs and they are both larger than 10kg. What if the Body Corporate rejects our request for permission for our two dogs?

Q&A Bullying in Strata! Some Committees are Extremely Unreasonable

Todd Garsden,

QUESTION: With the new legislation, are there any changes to dealing with poor behaviour at a meeting, vexatious persons?
  • When the developer votes down a motion to lodge a claim with QCAT
  • Are Levies too high, too low or just right?
  • Can I wheel my bike through the foyer?
  • Our exclusive use Can co-owners both be on the committee? 
  • What is covered under my landlord insurance?
  • Plus much more…

Latest News

Q&A Can We Tow?

Chris Irons, Hynel Legal
Question: I am in the 144 lot apartment building. A resident or visitor has been parking in my allocated parking space. What can I do? Can we tow the car given that the car is parking in my space for more than 24hours?

Brisbane going through 'significant construction boom'

Shannon Marshall McCormack & Nathan Edwards, 9News
In an impressive millstone of COVID recovery for Queensland, Brisbane is going through a building boom – with cranes becoming a more common sight in the city's skyline.

Gold Coast Towers Push Ahead as Demand Surges

The Urban Developer
A tsunami-like surge in buyer demand and interstate migration is driving developers to advance plans for luxury apartment towers on the Gold Coast.

Committee Training

SCA (Qld): 6 May, 9:30 am - 1:30 pm
SCA (Qld)'s half-day course is designed specifically to suit owners' needs and aims to provide committee members with the appropriate knowledge to manage their scheme adequately and comply with legal requirements. Light refreshments provided.