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Are you looking for SEQ body corporate managers servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast who are helpful, transparent and efficient?

Need a local company who puts your interests first, ensures your scheme is being properly managed and maintained, without exorbitant costs?

Our Mission

Located on the Gold Coast, we’re quietly revolutionising Body Corporate Management in the SEQ region and giving Lot Owners back their right to honest and efficient service. Our fully transparent financial practices, innovative technology and outstanding service levels have been hailed by our satisfied clients as “the way things should be done”.

Our Promise

To deliver a responsive, efficient and compliant Body Corporate Management service in SEQ to help protect the value of Lot Owners’ assets and maintain a harmonious community in our growing number of strata schemes

“Since we changed to Tower Body Corporate, the benefits have been amazing. The professional assistance of the Tower team found monetary mistakes that the previous body corporate manager did not find. They have helped put our Body Corporate back in order and they are always very happy to answer any questions we might have. They are very thorough in all aspects of Body Corp issues and we would recommend them to anyone. If you want a really professional company to look after your Body Corporate needs, I highly recommend Tower Body Corporate. They go above and beyond to assist at a price which is affordable.” Tania, Secretary/Treasurer – Cannington Court Garden Villas

24/7 ONLINE OWNERS PORTAL Lot Owners given 24/7 access to relevant documents

FULL FINANCIAL TRANSPERANCY No Hidden costs, no obscure expense items

FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE No waiting for days for help or for an answer to your question

PROACTIVE COMMUNICATION We ensure everyone is kept informed in a timely manner

EFFICIENTLY RUN MEETINGS Meetings Managed efficiently to move through the agenda

Services Tailored To Meet All Your Needs



Our friendly team culture ensures you receive a local level of customer service and experience that will delight you. Using advanced technology and efficient systems, we deliver SEQ Body Corporate administration with extraordinary efficiency.




We make it easy to pay levies, we keep levy debt to a minimum, we deliver itemised financial records, we pay contractors promptly, and we work hard to keep costs under control. We don’t just promise transparency and efficiency, we deliver it.




We assist developers with running the inaugural general meeting, site inspection and recommendations, setting up insurances and initial maintenance contracts, document preparation and answering queries, so it’s all set up correctly from the start.

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Recent Testimonials

I have been one of the committee members of the Body Corporate for Le Grande Broadwater for many years. Tower Body Corporate has been managing our building for a long period of time. In my experience, I have found that Tower Body Corporate is very efficient and trustworthy. They always respond to our requests in a timely and professional manner. The staff are very efficient, happy, friendly and well-mannered. They are always very responsible. I believe the staff are well acquainted with body corporate matters. I recommend them to any other building that is looking for professional and proactive body corporate managers. Aruna, Secretary/Treasurer – Le Grande Broadwater

I have owned my unit since it was being built in 1992. I have had 5 previous Body Corporate Managers in that time ranging from incompetent and unprofessional. Tower is far and away the most outstanding Body Corporate management company this complex has had. I have spent on and off 14 years on this complex body corporate committee in my time here so I can make my comments with some confidence. Gary, Committee Member

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