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February 21 Newsletter

Welcome to the February edition of Tower News

March 1 sees the introduction of new amendments to the body corporate legislation that will shape the industry for years to come.

Here in the Tower offices, our team has been conducting regular training to ensure that we are ready for the changes. Owners may have already started talking to their managers about what to expect and AGM agendas going out will have motions relating to quorums and the permission of electronic voting that you may not have seen before. Hopefully, these will be welcome additions to the management of your scheme.

This month’s newsletter includes a summary of some of the key changes to the regulations. We also review some of the subtler points in the new legislation that may be easy to look over but can still have a big impact on the running of your scheme.

Elsewhere in this issue:

  • Building warranty for a highrise complex
  • Body Corporate Tax
  • Strata Parking Allocation for Disabled Parking
  • Plus much more...

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Getting Ready for 1 March: Sweat the small stuff

Tower Body Corporate
Headline items such as changes to the quorums and electronic voting will capture most people’s attention, but there are also a number of smaller changes that can impact the way your building is run.


Strata Parking Allocation for Disabled Parking

Tower Body Corporate & Mahoneys
QUESTION: Can our body corporate allow elderly people over 75 yrs of age or people with small children who are visitors to park in the disabled car park if the visitor parking is full?

Q&A Who Do We Pursue for Building Faults in our Strata Scheme?

Dean Potgieter, Seymour Consultants
QUESTION: What warranty is afforded bodies corporate/owners of apartments in new build residential HIGH RISE complexes in Queensland?


Q&A Body Corporate Audits and Tax

Tower Body Corporate
QUESTION: If a Body Corporate has never had an income, do they need to lodge a tax return every year to declare no income or would a single notice informing there will never be an income suffice?

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Gold Coast Rides Wave of Development

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As the Gold Coast continues to attract local and interstate interest, developers are taking advantage of strong buyer demand as Sydney and Melbourne residents look north.

Why Residential Buildings Should Take Advantage of Fee-Free NABERS

Andrea Quintero, HFM Asset Management
NABERS is currently offering fee-free NABERS Ratings for apartment buildings. This is a great opportunity for bodies corporate across Australia to get insights and have a better understanding of their building’s energy and water consumption in their common areas; while benchmarking against similar buildings.

Brisbane Approves Wave of Waterfront Developments

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Brisbane’s city skyline will continue to transform with a wave of major development projects receiving the official tick of approval.

Man charged after apartment complex sustains significant water damage, Woolloongabba

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Detectives investigating large scale water damage at a Woolloongabba apartment complex and have arrested and charged a man after a fire hydrant was allegedly turned on.


Q&A Body Corporate Decision Making

Chris Irons, Hynes Legal
Question: One of our Committee members who is both the Treasurer and Chairperson makes decisions to spend lot owner’s money whenever she wants without approval. Can she do this?