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January 21 Newsletter

Welcome to the January edition of Tower News – Happy New Year

2021 promises to by a landmark year in Queensland body corporate history with major new legislation that will change the shape of the industry, coming into effect from March 1.

The new regulations follow an extensive consultation process and will start ushering in a series of changes that make it a little easier for owners to take control of their body corporate scheme.

Some of the new rules will make an immediate impact while others will percolate through the system over the coming months and years. A new era in Queensland Body Corporate administration is beginning and every scheme needs to be prepared for the new rules.

We’ll take a look at the key updates through the year and kick things off this month by considering a simple but important change that should limit the number of one of the least welcome aspects of body corporate management – the adjourned meeting. We also consider how new requirements for Committees to formally consider motions put forward by individual owners will shift the dynamic in the committee-owner relationship.

Elsewhere in this issue:

  • What does the ACCC’s final report into insurance in Northern Australia mean for strata?
  • Lodging an adjudication application
  • Maintaining Solar Panels - Who is Responsible?
  • Plus much more...

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Time’s Up for Adjourned Meetings

Tower Body Corporate
Take advantage of the new quorum legislation and pass motions to limit the need for adjourned meetings. There are perfectly good reasons to adjourn a Body Corporate meeting, but it has become a bane of the industry that the legislation has permitted them to become standard practice.


A Meeting of the Minds - Submitting a Motion to the Committee

Tower Body Corporate
The relationship between Committees and lot owners is set to shift as new legislation better defines how lot owners submit motions to the committee. Owners who regularly have issues they want the Committee to consider, need to be judicious in determining their priorities.

Q&A: Installing and Maintaining Solar Panels in Strata in Queensland

Brent Clark

Question: I live in a complex with around 50 units and townhouses. I recently put a solar system on the roof which got damaged by hail a few months later. Is the repair of this damage covered under the strata title?


What does the ACCC’s final insurance report mean for strata?

Andrew Chambers,
Strata Community Association

The ACCC released their final report on insurance in Northern Australia late last year as the conclusion of a 3yr inquiry. The final report delivered 38 recommendations and a handful are highly relevant to everyone in the strata sector.


Latest News

A Recipe for Failure – Lodging an Adjudication Application

Michael Kleinschmidt, Stratum Legal
When lodging an Adjudication Application with the Commissioner be careful what you ask for & how you ask or your Application may be thrown out.

Q&A Holding an Auction in My Apartment

William Marquand, Tower Body Corporate
Question: Can the Body Corporate stop me from holding an auction in my apartment?

Q&A Illegal Acts in Queensland Apartments?

Chris Irons, Hynes Legal
Question: I purchased a property that settled last month. Yesterday I was informed that the previous owners daughter was living in the unit and “cooking ice”. I’ve ordered meth tests, if it comes back as positive what are my options? Who is Responsible?

'Australia's largest energy class action' filed against Queensland power companies accused of driving up prices illegally

Jessica Rendall
All Queensland residents who paid for electricity between January 2015 and January this year are being encouraged to register for reimbursement as part of the "largest energy class action in Australian history".

Renters Seek Out Lifestyle in South-East Queensland

Taryn Paris, The Urban Developer
For the first time on record renter more to live in a unit in Brisbane than their urbane Melbourne counterparts.