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March 21 Newsletter

Welcome to the March edition of Tower News

This month, the team in the Tower offices are still wringing themselves out after the deluge of rain that fell across the eastern seaboard.

Heavy storms like this are frequently described as a ‘once in a century’ event but ask anyone who deals with the impact of bad weather and they will tell you that extreme conditions are becoming more of an annual event and the capacity of buildings to deal with is being pushed all the time.

One thing that is guaranteed is that more storms mean more insurance claims. And, that’s bad news as more claims push premiums ever higher. Rates are set to jump up in the next couple of years and while body corporates can’t change the market they can move their place in it. This month we take a look at some of the things your scheme can do to manage the impact.

Elsewhere in this issue:

  • Electronic voting has the power to change voting patterns at your scheme
  • How preventative maintenance may save rising insurance costs
  • Removing abandoned cars from in the visitor parking
  • Plus much more...

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Can Preventative Maintenance Save Rising Strata Insurance Costs?

Tower Body Corporate
Bodies Corporate should prepare for rising strata insurance costs by proactively managing claims and carrying out preventative maintenance.


Pros of Electronic Voting – Now More Owners Can Have Their Say

Tower Body Corporate
Electronic voting can promote faster, more accurate voting while encouraging more lot owners to have their say.


Q&A Neighbours Causing Nuisance

Tower Body Corporate
QUESTION: Is it acceptable for the apartments above us to hose their balconies and balustrades into our courtyard and pool? Each time this occurs it takes hours to clean all the dirt from the 6 floors above.


Q&A The First rule of Visitor Parking in Apartments – umm, it’s for visitors!

Tower Body Corporate
QUESTION: A tenant’s car has been in our visitor parking space for around 6 mths. How do we remove the car? Should we serve the lot owner with a breach notice?
  • Legislation Changes – Insurance
  • Fire Regulations and Fire Door Compliance
  • Record Keeping and The CMS
  • Nominations for the Chairperson’s Position
  • Lot Owner Access to common area CCTV Footage
  • Rights of Smokers vs Rights of Non Smokers
  • Unreasonable Bylaws – the Dog Must Not Make Noise…

Latest News

Discrimination in Bodies Corporate

Jarrod Clarke, Mahoneys
In addition to specific body corporate legislation and regulations, bodies corporate are bound by other acts. An area that is not regularly considered by bodies corporate is discrimination law.

This is how we create the age-friendly smart city

The Conversation
Senior citizens need help and encouragement to remain active as they age in their own communities. Given the choice, that’s what most would prefer. The smart city can provide the digital infrastructure for them to find and tailor the local neighbourhood information they need to achieve this.

Gold Coast Refines City Plan

The Urban Developer
Gold Coast council is making further changes to city planning with the intention to build upward, not outward.

Second Story Bridge climb would be an 'invasion of privacy', residents say

Lucy Stone, ABC Radio Brisbane
Brisbane adventure-seekers could have a direct view into private apartment buildings under a proposed second Story Bridge climb from the northern bridge end, some residents claim.