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May 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of Tower News.

This month in the Tower offices we tried a new experiment and sent out a survey about body corporate living to our contacts.

Thank you very much to those who took the time to reply. If you would like to participate, read the short blurb below or you can respond by clicking this
Respond to our Apartment Living Survey

We hope the survey is a small step toward achieving the holy grail of body corporate management - better communication.

That’s the one thing body corporate customers are consistent in asking for from managers, but while it sounds straightforward, the reality is that presenting clear information across thousands of different customers requires endless consideration and nuance. It’s a nonstop topic of conversation in our offices and hopefully projects like this survey will give our managers a better understanding of what their customers are thinking and improve the service they deliver accordingly.

Elsewhere in this issue:

  • Solar in Strata Webinar - TODAY
  • Voting and Proxies
  • Objects thrown from the balcony
  • Washing on the balcony
  • Pets in highrises
  • and more.....

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Do you know someone who is looking for a strata manager? Refer them to us and if their body corporate signs a minimum 12 month contract, we'll very happily give you a $250 gift card as a thank you. Contact us here:
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The Tower Body Corporate Team

Apartment Living Survey

Tower Body Corporate
We are conducting a short survey about body corporate living in SEQ. We'll be writing an article based on the results. Help us by answering a short series of really interesting strata related questions about life at your scheme. We'd love to hear your thoughts on strata living. 


WEBINAR 10 am TODAY! Ask Us Anything (Solar In Strata) Q&A

Michael Kleinschmidt, Stratum Legal + Nikki Jovicic, LookUpStrata
Whether you are an individual lot owner or part of a committee, this webinar will help you understand the considerations, process and approvals required to get that solar system on your roof.

Q&A Body Corporate Voting Rules – What You Can and Can’t Do

Tower Body Corporate
QUESTION: If a voting committee member is not present at an ordinary committee meeting and doesn’t give another committee member their proxy, are there any circumstances under which they can still vote on a motion put forward at that meeting?

Q&A Body Corporate Neighbours Causing Nuisance

Chris Irons, Hynes Legal
QUESTION: Under the Queensland Legislation, is it an offence for residents to throw objects from their balconies?
  • Can the Committee Carry out a Bylaw review?
  • What Do We Need To Do To Make Our Building Fire Safe?
  • Obligation to disclose asbestos
  • Who organises the contractors?
  • Caretaker motion for the AGM to replace Caretaking and Letting Agreement
  • Is dog barking classed as excessive noise?…

Latest News

Gold Coast Rents Up 32pc in Tight Vacancies Market

The Urban Developer
Low vacancy rates across the Gold Coast have spurred landlords to demand higher rents.

Q&A Appearance of Lot. What constitutes a breach?

Tower Body Corporate
Question: Clotheslines in our lot are visible from the outside of the building. Does this mean that everybody who hangs washing on the clotheslines is in breach of the by-laws by changing the appearance of the lot?

Dog owner threatens High Court action to keep his 'babies' in luxury Gold Coast high-rise

Tom Forbes & Caitlyn Sheehan, ABC Gold Coast
A Gold Coast dog owner is prepared to fight his body corporate in the High Court to keep his two cocker spaniels in his Southport high-rise.

Guide for managing body corporate building defects

Ben Seccombe & Todd Garsden, Mahoneys
Generally, a building defect is building work that is faulty or below a reasonable standard of quality. However, there are many different definitions of a building defect. Different definitions and different defects will lead to different obligations and rights of the body corporate.