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July 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the July edition of Tower News.

One critical area of body corporate life is the nexus between tenants, landlords and body corporates and their tensions that emerge as their interests fall in and out of alignment.

That relationship may be set to become a little more fraught later this year when stage one of Queensland’s Housing Legislation Amendment Act comes into effect. The new act makes it easier for tenants to have pets and requires landlords to meet minimum standards of property maintenance. No bad thing in and of itself but the new regulations also allow for plenty of areas of increased dispute for body corporate and that means more time and money for owners. Our main article takes a look at the changes and what impact they might have.

Elsewhere this issue:
  • Register for a webinar about Approval for Renovations
  • Body Corporate and Lot Owner tax when money is raised from renting common property
  • Terminating a Caretaker engagement and what steps the committee might consider before things escalate
  • and much more.....

Tax Returns

The end of the 2021/2022 financial year is here, so it is time to ensure you have everything you need to prepare your income tax returns. We can provide owners with a levy contribution summary/tax report for the tax return at a cost of $7.95. Please email to order your report.

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WEBINAR: Approval for Renovations

WHEN: Jul 21, 10 am
This webinar is a helpful guide for committee members and lot owners dealing with proposed lot owner renovations. Michael will examine a hypothetical renovation proposal. By so doing, he will show you some of the tripwires to avoid.

Register Now.....

New tenant laws bring challenges for your body corporate

Tower Body Corporate
New tenant laws in Queensland will affect the way a body corporate deals with maintenance and by-law issues adding costs for lot owners.

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Q&A Body Corporate Audits and Tax

Q: Is it possible for a body corp to raise money to reduce levies by renting a small area of common property to another entity? Are there implications on lot owner’s tax?

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Caretaker disputes

Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management
This highlights what the relevant legislation says about terminating an engagement and what steps the committee might consider before things escalate. We will also clarify the role of the Commissioner's office in relation to caretaker disputes.

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The QLD Strata Magazine
July 2022

  • Who pays for the replacement of damaged carpets? 
  • Making the building as secure as reasonably possible 
  • When lot owners hide building defects ... who eventually pays? 
  • Application for a visiting pet denied! Can we ask why?
  • Does the caretaker have exclusive use of visitor parking spaces
  • Damage from shopping trolleys left in the car park
  • Strata Reform is About People, not Buildings
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