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October 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the October edition of Tower News.

As the recent Optus hack has highlighted, online security is increasingly vulnerable to criminal activity and that activity is becoming more sophisticated at accessing critical information.

Unfortunately, body corporates, building and management companies are a target just like any other entities and we have to be conscious of the vulnerabilities of our online systems while constantly working to upgrade them.

This month’s edition of Tower News highlights an article by our software provider, Stratamax, concerning email and invoice scams. As managing emails and invoices are a key part of our daily interaction with our customers, we encourage all owners to read it and be aware of the risks. So far, none of Tower’s customers have been affected, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be targeted in the future and the article is a sharp reminder of the need for never ending vigilance in the face of persistent menace.

Elsewhere this issue:
  • Join us for a deep dive into body corporate financials
  • Can committee members vote in matters of conflict of interest?
  • Assistance animals and companion animals 
  • and much more.....

Tax Returns

The end of the 2021/2022 financial year is here, so it is time to ensure you have everything you need to prepare your income tax returns. We can provide owners with a levy contribution summary/tax report for the tax return at a cost of $7.95. Please email to order your report.

Sign Up For Levy Notices via Email

We continue to encourage as many owners as possible to sign up to receive levies and notices by email. Unfortunately, the post is slow and inconsistent at the moment while emails are fast and guaranteed. Signing up also helps save your plan money as distribution costs lower. We need to receive notification in writing to make the change 'Please send my notices/levies by email' is sufficient.

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Email Invoice Fraud

Invoice fraud through compromised email accounts has surged in the past 18 mths, rivalling ransomware as the biggest cybersecurity threat our clients face. These fraudsters use surprisingly simple and consistent methods, with losses often surpassing $100k. Here’s how it works...

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WEBINAR: A deep dive into body corporate financials

LookUpStrata + Tower Body Corporate
Nov 17, 10 AM

This webinar will provide a detailed look at a body corporate budget – what you can expect to see and why it's there. Lot owners don't always understand the budget. We're here to change that in this practical session.

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Q&A Responsibility to Repair Common Property Defects

Tower Body Corporate
Q: Can committee members vote in matters of conflict of interest? If not, can you point me to the relevant legislation? We have a committee member who voted at a VOC in favour of a motion that netted him $7000.

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Assistance animals and companion animals in a body corporate

Commissioner for BCCM
Bodies corporate need to be aware that it is not just the BCCM Act that applies when dealing with people with disability who rely on a certified guide, hearing or assistance dog.

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The QLD Strata Magazine
October 2022

  • How can I learn to understand our financial statements?
  • Is the Strata Manager responsible if BC funds are paid to a scam account?
  • Can the committee delegate the enforcement of bylaws?
  • If an owner’s proposal has been rejected, does the committee have to say why?
  • If we’re looking to sell to a developer, can we cut back on the sinking fund?
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Calls for Queensland to end 25-year locked-in property management contracts amid rising body corporate costs

Audrey Courty, ABC News
Rising tensions between Queensland homeowners and property managers over locked-in management rights contracts lasting up to 25 years will be raised at the state government's housing summit amid concerns of rising body corporate fees.

State eyes rule shift on unit block sell-offs to boost housing

Brisbane’s ageing six-pack style unit blocks could make way for newer, denser housing under calls to loosen body corporate rules and stop some owners vetoing the sale of sites to developers.

Budget 2022: What It Means for Property

The Urban Developer
Housing affordability was one of the key pillars of the Labor government’s five point plan for addressing cost of living pressures in the economy as the nation grapples with ongoing inflation, which has hosed down any chance of a cash splash.