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QLD Body Corporate News | April 2023

Welcome to the April edition of Tower News.
At the end of February, the state government announced some limited changes to the body corporate legislation. Good news as modernisation of the regulations is a vital step in helping owners keep pace with the change in which our buildings are developed and used. However, two months down the line from the initial announcement additional details remain pending and a timeline towards enactment is yet to be announced. While body corporate buildings and owners are changing rapidly, we consider why we have to wait so long for legislative change and what the impact on body corporates is when changes are announced but take an age to arrive?

In the Tower offices, we are trying to move things forward with a bit more urgency and next month we will launch new app for each site to give owners better access to their information. It’s a step-forward in how we communicate with you so we hope that everyone will take the chance to download and tell us what you think when we roll out in mid-May.

Elsewhere this issue:
  • Using strata finance for building transformations and defects
  • Couple on brink of losing home amid one of the country's messiest body corporate wars
  • Budgeting for strata insurance excess increases
  • plus much more..... 

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Queensland Body corporates stuck in legislative limbo

Tower Body Corporate
Proposed changes to the Queensland body corporate legislation in 2023 are welcome, but a slow delivery on promises leaves body corporates hanging.

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VIDEO: Using strata finance for building transformations and defects 

Lannock Strata Finance + LookUpStrata
The most crucial aspect of any strata project, whether that be defect remediation or a building transformation, is to have the appropriate finance in place. Finding the right funding for your next project can be a challenge for anyone unfamiliar with strata finance. 

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Couple on brink of losing home amid one of the country's messiest body corporate wars

Dan Nolan, A Current Affair
A Gold Coast couple is on the brink of losing their home after one of Australia's messiest body corporate wars.

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Budgeting for strata insurance excess increases

Todd Garsden,

QLD Q: Our insurance excess has increased substantially. Should we adjust our budget to factor in the increase in excess?

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The QLD Strata Magazine
April 2023

  • Are breach notices about pets reasonable? 
  • Can the committee arrange a strata loan without approval? 
  • Are insurance premiums reduced for well maintained buildings?  
  • A solution to visitor parking and booking EV chargers 
  • Is the embedded network seller obliged to advise residents of the rate charged? 
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Latest News.....

Properly made development applications in Queensland – when is the consent of a body corporate required?

Wendy Evans and Trina Gledhill, Clayton Utz
When must a development application in Queensland be accompanied by the written consent of the body corporate, as the owner of certain common property? 

Who can be on a body corporate committee?

This article discusses the eligibility requirements for each regulation module. In other words, who can and who can’t be on the committee – including restrictions due to a relationship with another person (such as the caretaker)?

Proxies versus representatives

Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management
There are many misconceptions about the differences between a proxy and a representative. Although both involve exercising someone else’s voting rights, these terms are not interchangeable.