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QLD Body Corporate News | July 2023

Welcome to the July edition of Tower News.
This month we look at the findings behind the Strata Insights report, which calculates the growth of strata properties nationwide and their increasing significance to national housing policy.

Facts and figures aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but reports like this are significant as strata is something of a hidden industry that is just coming into the limelight.

As it does, more and more questions will be raised about how the industry works, which means changes can be expected in the ways buildings operate. In the Tower offices, we think it is high time for some improvements – the bulk of the legislation we deal with was drafted a decade before the launch of the iPhone – and perhaps reports like this will help push some of those changes along.

Elsewhere this issue:
  • Body corporate installs a mini solar farm
  • Why are levies increasing by up to 40%?
  • Getting EV charging right for your building
  • plus much more..... 

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New report shows us that strata is big business and it’s growing all the time

Tower Body Corporate
The newly released Australasian Strata Insights Report 2023 can give us an idea of not just the broad outlines of the industry but how its trends will affect individual schemes.

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Noosa body corporate installs rooftop “mini solar farm” to pay for strata costs

One Step Off the Grid
A body corporate team has won a national gong for its part in an innovative idea to pay for strata costs by installing a 550kW solar farm across the rooftops of one of its properties on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Why have some strata fees increased by as much as 40 per cent?

ABC Radio
Have you noticed a jump in your strata fees in the past year? Owners from around the country have been getting in touch with the ABC saying their fees have increased dramatically, some by as much as 40 per cent.

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EV Charging and the importance of getting it right for your building

Altogether Group + LookUpStrata
With many varied viewpoints and concerns, making the right decision about EV charging for your community can be difficult. What is your building doing to get ready? Maybe residents are already charging electric vehicles in your building, or maybe it’s not even on your committee’s radar.

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The QLD Strata Magazine
July 2023

  • Does a car parking lottery system breach the by-laws? 
  • Huge premiums and $100k excess for small strata schemes in FNQ 
  • Banning the charging of lithium-ion batteries in apartments 
  • Are committee members compelled to ‘police’ bylaw breaches? 
  • Approval required for introducing a new parking system 
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Latest News.....

Q&A Boundary and Common Property Issues

Michael Kleinschmidt, Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers
Q: At least ten villas in our community titles scheme have fenced-off areas of common property for their exclusive use. Some of the lots are nearly twice the allotted size. How do we reclaim this land? 

Who’s paying? $10,000 strata excess at centre of water damage dispute
An apartment owner who was required to pay a $10,000 excess for a water damage claim has lost his challenge against his insurer’s settlement offer, which he says is insufficient to complete repairs.

Surfers Paradise unit sales reach new heights

Gold Coast Bulletin
Surfers Paradise has cemented its position as Queensland’s high-rise capital, with more than double the number of apartments sold in the Glitter Strip location than anywhere else in the state.