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QLD Body Corporate News | August 2023

Welcome to the August edition of Tower News.
The next step in Queensland strata management has been taken with the announcement by the state government of a bill to introduce new strata legislation. Before you get too excited we are still only at the proposal stage. There will be a consultation and possible refinement of the proposals and the bill will then have to be voted on before being enacted into law. Implementation should be sometime in 2024.

The major change is a proposal to reduce the percentage of owners required to be in agreement to sell a building from 100 per cent to 75 per cent. This will make it much easier for schemes to arrange a collective sale and older sites in particular will have a new option to consider when thinking about their future.

Otherwise, the legislation promises some changes to make it easier to tow vehicles obstructing the common property and an intriguing idea to help body corporates ban smoking not just from shared areas but from private balconies.  It’s a positive step forward although as legislation changes are few and far between there are questions about why a more widespread overhaul hasn’t been considered. We’ll dive more into the changes in future editions of the Tower News but for now check out the LookUpStrata presentation for the immediate reaction so you can start preparing your scheme for the next era of strata.

Elsewhere this issue:
  • Determining electronic meetings
  • Learn all about your by-laws - where they are located, what they mean and why we have them
  • The growing concern in the dangers of E-bikes and E-scooters
  • plus much more..... 

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Brave New Strata World? Strata Law Changes – And What They Mean For You

Hynes Legal + Strata Solve + LookUpStrata
After many years of talking, Qld has a draft of new strata laws, representing some of the most significant changes to body corporate legislation in decades. Terminating buildings, pets, smoking, towing, and so much more. So what does it all mean for owners, committees, managers, caretakers and more?

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QLD: Q&A Meeting Notice Periods and Electronic Meetings

Will Marquand, Tower Body Corporate
QUESTION: A motion for no online meetings was defeated. If the committee is determined to stop electronic meetings, can they ignore the AGM outcome and carry out the defeated motion?


Body Corporate By-laws - Where, what and why

Mahoneys + LookUpStrata
When: 21 Sept, 10 am AEST
Todd Garsden from Mahoneys joins Nikki Jovicic from LookUpStrata to discuss your body corporate by-laws and the by-law enforcement process. Every scheme has by-laws, but not all by-laws are created equally. Some schemes' by-laws are short, others are long, some are valid, and others are invalid.

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How New York Plans to Regulate E-Bikes in the Wake of Deadly Fires

Winnie Hu, The New York Times
New York will become the first city in the United States to regulate the safety of e-bikes and e-scooters after lithium-ion batteries that power these micro-mobility devices become a leading cause of deadly fires.

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The QLD Strata Magazine
August 2023

  • Building Innovation – technology helping owners better manage their building
  • Owners are part of the collective claims history for the complex
  • Demand management control and EV charging
  • Voting requirements for a new parking by-law
  • Is it reasonable to have a by-law restricting children from riding bicycles?
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Latest News.....

Buyers, investors: QLD unit markets among nation’s top 10 for growth

Samantha Healy, News Corp Australia Network
Housing affordability and cost of living pressures are pushing more buyers and investors to units, and Qld’s top spots for price growth range from inner-city suburbs to tropical locales.

'Super-sized’ penthouse on the northern Gold Coast hits the market
A super-sized northern Gold Coast penthouse with a larger floorplan than a suburban housing block has hit the market. This is an absolute showstopper, originally designed as three separate apartments before being amalgamated into one enormous penthouse.

Key property reforms tackle sunset clauses, smoking and pets in units

Queensland Government Media Release
The Queensland Government has taken a significant step towards strengthening protections for Queenslanders buying land ‘off the plan’ and improving liveability for the growing number of people residing in body corporate communities.