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QLD Body Corporate News | May 2023

Welcome to the May edition of Tower News.
Effective communication lies at the core of all body corporate matters, but achieving this in practice can be challenging. As body corporate managers, Tower interacts with numerous customers, and while we strive to make our messages clear, we understand we may not always succeed. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic, as successful communication plays a crucial role in the success of buildings.

To elevate our standards and assist you in managing your scheme more effectively, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Tower app. This tool will be instrumental in the next phase of our services. We urge all owners to download the app today. In this month's newsletter, we will explain how to access the app and explore the exciting features it offers.

Additionally, we are exploring ways for owners to overcome obstacles they may encounter with their committee or scheme. Owners' motions, introduced as part of the March 2021 legislation changes, provide a clear pathway for advancing body corporate issues. Surprisingly, most owners have yet to utilise this option or may even be unaware of its availability. Our article delves into how owners' motions can benefit your scheme and empower owners to have their ideas formally considered.

By embracing effective communication tools and utilizing owners' motions, we can enhance collaboration and address challenges within your body corporate, fostering a more harmonious and productive community.

Elsewhere this issue:
  • Q: Do we need more than one quote for a strata loan?
  • Q: How can I propose a motion to create a bylaw that changes an unused space into a dog friendly area?
  • Family friendly apartment demand affected by lack of suitable apartments
  • plus much more..... 

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Tower’s app can boost communication across your body corporate

Tower Body Corporate
We've created an app to improve communications in your body corporate. Find out how it can help you. Download the app and get chatting now.
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Owners’ motions are the unused tool body corporates have been looking for

Tower Body Corporate
Owners’ motions are good for committees. They provide an easy way for body corporates to sidestep prolonged debate and move matters along.

QLD: Q&A Body corporate spending limits – What are they and when do they apply?

Todd Garsden, Mahoneys
Q: Do we need more than one quote for a strata loan?

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QLD: Q&A AGMs, Motions in Strata and the Obligation to Act

Will Marquand, Tower Body Corporate
Q: In our building, pets aren’t allowed on common property. How can I propose a motion to create a bylaw that changes an unused space into a dog friendly area?

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May 2023

  • New laws pose serious questions about rights 
  • Solar panels - reducing common property area electricity costs 
  • Is the body corporate a PCBU?  
  • Do we need an insurance broker?
  • Which account does the GST refund go into? 
  • Non responsive strata manager? What’s their lot load? 
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