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QLD Body Corporate News | June 2023

Welcome to the June edition of Tower News.
This month, the Tower newsletter presents two articles on the same subject – How AI will change body corporate management? The Tower team wrote one, and ChatGPT produced the other.

It’s a minor experiment into the future of work that owners may find amusing – which version of the article did you think was more helpful? As human writers, we may not want to know the answer, but the reality is that every industry in the world has to look at how artificial intelligence can change workflows. Body corporate managers are already starting to think through how the offers we make to our customers will change (and hopefully improve) if we can use advanced computer systems to have reliable human-like interactions. As ever, the future is coming.

Elsewhere this issue:
  • Ground-breaking state-of-the-industry report delivers critical insights into Australia’s strata sector
  • Q: Do you need to ask permission to paint the walls?
  • When can the body corporate – or in some cases, another lot owner – rightfully enter your lot?
  • plus much more..... 

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How will AI change your body corporate?

Tower Body Corporate
Like the rest of the world, body corporate managers are starting to ask how AI systems like chatGPT will change their industry.

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Ground-breaking state-of-the-industry report delivers critical insights into Australia and New Zealand’s strata sector

Tower Body Corporate
At least one-in-six Australians now live in strata-titled properties such as apartments and townhouses, and there has been a 7% growth in the number of properties in the last 2 years, according to a ground-breaking new report.

Q&A Renovations, Altering Common Property and Changing the Appearance of the Lot

Will Marquand, Tower Body Corporate
Q: Do I have to ask body corporate for permission to change the colour of the inside walls of my lot?

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QLD: Entry Rights in a Community Titles Scheme

Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management
A resident in a body corporate does not enjoy the same level of autonomy as the owner of a detached dwelling. Community living means there are circumstances when the body corporate – or in some cases, another lot owner – can rightfully enter your lot.

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The QLD Strata Magazine
May 2023

  • Are QLD strata owners on a level playing field with owners in other states? 
  • Investigating a leak after unauthorised renovations 
  • Can a lot owner request quarterly body corporate meetings? 
  • Fighting on common property: should we issue a breach notice?
  • Nuisance created by feeding birds on the balcony
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Jessica Black, ABC News
A Brisbane renter whose agent refused her request to a get a Chihuahua because the property was not big enough has won her appeal, in one of the first tests of Queensland's new pet laws. 

Property investor upside to Gold Coast short-term rental glut

Australian Property Investor
The Gold Coast is awash with short-term rentals, driving long-term rental yields to very high levels and providing temptation for property investors seeking cash flow and other buyers escaping the rent hike cycle.

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Developers are enticing luxury buyers to the Gold Coast with exclusive resident only clubs, investing substantially into some of the industry’s finest amenities.