Developers – New Schemes

You can rely on our expertise to set up your Body Corporate Scheme, right from the start.

Expert advice to help developers get set up correctly

We live and breathe the Qld regulations and requirements.  We know what you need to do to be fully compliant. Whether your project is 10 lots or 500+, we tell you what’s needed, and when. We’re called Tower Body Corporate for a good reason.  We are fully experienced in the complex Qld requirements when it comes to setting up compliant Body Corporate management.

Complex administration taken care of for you

Your goal is to finish your development and sell the units.

  • We work in the background taking care of the administrative processes so that everything is set up perfectly, right from day one.
  • We help set up the first year’s budget, organise insurance quotes, and organise the first General Meeting
  • We create and set the standards for effective body corporate management for you, and for the Lot Owners for years to come.

Effective Body Corporate Management provides added value to your offering

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