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We believe the Body Corporate Management services industry needs to be stirred up, if not experience a thorough “shake up”.

Our Story

We started Tower Body Corporate several years ago because, as lot owners in several buildings, we were concerned with the way things were managed.

As a lot owner, what didn’t we like?

  • The time it took to get answers to questions
  • Complete lack of modern technology
  • Poor collection of overdue levies
  • The way costs are “disguised” in financial reports so that you never really understand what they are
  • The inefficient management of Body Corporate meetings
  • Factions, personal agendas, lack of mediation and progress
  • Reduction in asset value due to inefficient body corporate management
  • Overall, poor body corporate management services being offered

What did we do about it?

We decided to create the ideal Body Corporate Management services – ie: the type of service we would want to deal with, one who would communicate with us transparently, would operate efficiently and effectively and most of all would act in our interest to protect and manage our assets.

Tower Body Corporate Services

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in treating people how we like to be treated – with friendliness, patience, respect – and with outstanding body corporate management services.
  • We believe that a well-managed Body Corporate Scheme is essential for maintaining asset value for owners and the key to harmonious living for residents.
  • We believe that using the right technology improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Our Promise

  • To manage meetings and administrative tasks efficiently so no-one’s time is wasted.
  • To conduct all matters with complete transparency and with total compliance.
  • To provide fully detailed financial documents.
  • To deliver fast, friendly and helpful service.
  • To do our utmost to preserve and protect the value of Owners’ assets.

Meet our Team

Nikki Jovicic

Nikki is the owner of LookUpStrata, a national strata information site providing reliable strata information to lot owners, committee members and strata industry professionals since 2013. Nikki shares her time between LookUpStrata and overseeing the management of Tower Body Corporate and is currently in her second term on the SCA (WA) Education board.

More recently Nikki has become known for presenting regular strata webinars, where LookUpStrata hosts a strata expert to cover a specific topic and respond to audience questions. Will Marquand from Tower is a regular presenter in QLD Webinars hosted by LookUpStrata.

Nikki Jovicic
Managing Director
Kelly Borell

Kelly has a Diploma in Business Management, Certificate IV Property Services (Operations), and also a Diploma in Xero.

Kelly made the switch to the Body Corporate industry back in 2009 when she joined Tower, and has never looked back. Kelly particularly enjoys building a good rapport with people, and strives to provide excellent and efficient customer service to her clients and acquaintances.

Kelly has always enjoyed working for Tower Body Corporate as she believes in Tower’s goals and attributes, and feel that she contributes strongly to the company’s objectives.

Kelly Borell
Administration & Finance Manager
William Marquand

Will Marquand joined the Tower team as a General Manager and Senior Strata manager in 2020. A licensed strata manager, he has widespread experience across all forms of commercial, industrial and residential schemes.

A former journalist and teacher, Will is also a regular contributor to the LookUpStrata website as both a writer and podcast figure. He believes in proactive, ethical strata management and hopes to provide Tower’s customers with the knowledge and support required to take their schemes forward into the next generation of body corporate management.

William Marquand
General Manager / Senior Body Corporate Manager

Tammy joined the Tower team in 2016 after working across a wide range of residential and commercial schemes. Tammy enjoys the challenge of working with a diverse group of owners and helping them achieve their goals for their scheme.

As a manager, Tammy prides herself on her ability to build a strong working relationship with committees and demonstrate accountability in the work she does. In previous roles, Tammy worked in a number of foreign embassies and this experience has helped her understand the importance of clear communication and the need to be adaptable to individual needs. She understand that each scheme is unique and brings to the table different requirements and Tammy enjoys her work when she can balance out these expectations for owners.

Tammy Lynch
Body Corporate Manager
Sam Morrison

Samantha joined Tower Body Corporate in August 2021 after 14 years working across the property management industry.

Her experience and knowledge of properties across South East Queensland makes her a natural fit with the body corporate industry. Predominantly working across smaller schemes, Samantha strives to make each strata plan a well-maintained asset for each of her clients. Her day-to-day activities consist of managing major works projects, conducting meetings and developing stronger working relationships with clients and managers alike. She is committed to providing the best support and assistance to her team and her clients.

Samantha Morrison
Body Corporate Manager