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Your Body Corporate and Pets QLD

Questions about pets in strata schemes are a common concern. In fact, we receive enquiries about this nearly every week from people asking ‘can we have a pet in our apartment?’

Body Corporate and Pets QLD

One concerned (soon to …

Fire safety

All you need to know about Fire Compliance, Qld

Are you aware if your Scheme is compliant with Queensland’s fire safety rules?  We all need peace of mind that our lives and property are safe from the risk of fire.

We’ve outlined here the regulations and your Body Corporate’s …

Body Corporate Committee Body Corporate Manager Funds and Levies

Administrative Fund vs Sinking Fund?

Many owners are confused about Body Corporate Funds – particularly the difference between the Administrative Fund and the Sinking Fund, and what they’re used for.

As an owner within a body corporate scheme, it is important that you to understand …

Financial Funds and Levies Maintenance Strata scheme

6 Ways to Save Money on Your Strata Insurance

6  key points to assist you and your Body Corporate to get the best possible terms out of your insurer.

Make sure the grass is always greener A key thing that  potential Insurers look for is properties that are maintained…
Financial Owner

Strata Owners Tax Report Available from Tower Body Corporate

It’s nearly the end of June and the dreaded tax time looms again.

To make things a little easier for our owners (and your accountant), we can provide a tax report regarding body corporate expenditure, which is very helpful if …

Body Corporate Manager Financial Owner

Tips for Tower Body Corporate Owners – ONLINE OWNERS PORTAL

As an owner of a property within a building managed by Tower Body Corporate, you have access to your Owners Resources, where you will find  a variety of online self-service features.

Owners and committee members can download a number of …

Body Corporate Committee Strata scheme

Pets in Body Corporates

Pets have always been, and probably always will be a hot topic in body corporate schemes.

Some body corporate schemes adopted by-laws that state all animals are banned from the scheme, only to have lot owners challenging the validity of …

Body Corporate Manager Owner Strata scheme

8 Reasons Why Appointing a Good Body Corporate Manager Pays Off

Owners in body corporate schemes may question the need for a professional Body Corporate Manager to look after their complex.

‘Why not self manage?‘  lot owners often ask.

While this may sound like a good idea to some, there are …