Body Corporate Investment

Strata Title in QLD

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Even though it’s practised in countries all over the world today, the concept of strata title as a property ownership structure started right here in Australia back in 1961. A novel concept at the time, the strata title was different to the traditional Torrens Title model, where the purchase of a freestanding home or piece…

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How to Join a Body Corporate Committee

Corporate Committee

A Lot owner who is an investor in a Body Corporate can join the Body Corporate Committee the same way that an owner who lives onsite can join the Body Corporate Committee. Nominations for Committee are called each year prior to the end of the Body Corporate’s Financial Year. The Secretary or Body Corporate Manager…

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Protecting Your Body Corporate Investment

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A question. You invest $350,000 in shares. You find out that the company you have bought shares in is being mismanaged and your shares will be worth nothing in 2 years. Basically, you will lose your money.  Would you sit back and simply let this happen without being concerned or taking action? What is the difference then, between…

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