Strata scheme

Individual Water Meters for Apartments

Water Meters

We have received numerous enquiries from Gold Coast bodies corporate regarding the possibility of installing individual water meters to their schemes. Currently, most body corporate schemes built prior to 1st January 2008 have one water meter for the entire complex, which is read by the Council. Council will then issue individual water rates notices to…

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How to Nominate a New Body Corporate Manager

body corporate meetings gold coast and brisbane

Changing Body Corporate Managers One of the most popular search engine keyword phrases in the body corporate industry is ‘changing body corporate managers’.  From this we know there must be a few unhappy body corporate owners out there looking to change body corporate managers. However, where on the internet can we find the information we…

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How to Join a Body Corporate Committee

Corporate Committee

A Lot owner who is an investor in a Body Corporate can join the Body Corporate Committee the same way that an owner who lives onsite can join the Body Corporate Committee. Nominations for Committee are called each year prior to the end of the Body Corporate’s Financial Year. The Secretary or Body Corporate Manager…

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Protecting Your Body Corporate Investment

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A question. You invest $350,000 in shares. You find out that the company you have bought shares in is being mismanaged and your shares will be worth nothing in 2 years. Basically, you will lose your money.  Would you sit back and simply let this happen without being concerned or taking action? What is the difference then, between…

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