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Party time! Your rights and responsibilities?

So, you want to invite a few friends over for a big event. Maybe you’ve got something going on outside your door or under your balcony (Gold Coast 600 fans, this is for you). Or maybe you just want to celebrate a big zero-ending birthday. How many people can you invite to your apartment, and what do you need to know?

Well, the first thing to remember is that everyone has property rights, one of which is we all have the right to have guests. It’s a pretty fundamental understanding, especially as we humans are such social creatures (well, most of us). And having people stay over (just visiting, not moving in) is also fairly liberally allowed.

But if you’re planning a home-based hootenanny, there may be a few factors you need to consider.

Serious factors to consider before your apartment party

There are no hard and fast regulations that say how many people you can invite for a social occasion. There are a few rules that touch on that space, but none refer to it directly.

Fire and safety regulations are a factor

If it’s standing room only at your place and no one knows where the exits are or what emergency arrangements are in place, there may be trouble if a fire or other unplanned (and un-fun) excitement breaks out.

Structural aspects can also come into play

Some structures, like balconies, are only equipped to handle a certain weight. Too many people can potentially damage your place, and possibly your neighbours’ too. It could even bring down such a structure, and with potentially fatal consequences.

Next, there’s parking

Cue the eye roll for those of you who are constantly lamenting this most precious of communal resources (and check out our article How To Manage Parking Dilemmas At Your Complex). Some streets may have no on-street parking, and/or a raft of rules about who can park where, and when. Residences with on-site car parks will have strictly controlled guest parking facilities.

The peace and quiet factor

Having say a dozen over for a group meditation at your place is one thing. But having the same number there for a mother of a shindig where people are rolling out of your place at all hours, still humming with party fuel, is something else again.

Need some help?

It can be hard to find a straight answer in a landscape where so many grey areas exist.

Government bodies like the state fire and rescue authorities, the building and construction commission or the Residential Tenancies Authority can offer general information and advice, and your local council can also fill you in on any regulations surrounding visitor numbers.

But if you want specific information, the best place to start is with your building manager, and your committee. Get in touch with your body corporate manager, who’ll be able to help you navigate the different variables specific to your building, as well as help you with any legislative limits.

Planning your party with due respect to your neighbours and your situation will ensure your fun balloon isn’t popped by complaints or worse.

Photo by Karina Lago on Unsplash

By Kelly Borell

I have a Diploma in Business Management, Cert IV Property Services (Operations) and thoroughly enjoy working in the Strata Management industry. I particularly enjoy building a good rapport with people and providing reliable help.

3 replies on “Party time! Your rights and responsibilities?”

As a social committee organising events within a lifestyle village- do we require seperate insurance when we hold events within the village or does that come under the village management insurance policy?

Hi Alan,

We can’t answer this question specifically but we would recommend you contact your broker or insurer to ask them. They should be able to provide you with guidance on what is and isn’t included.

As a non profit social committee within a lifestyle village do we require insurance for our functions held within the residential park?

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