What happens to the money you pay for body corporate fees?

body corporate fees

“What happens to the money I pay out in body corporate fees?” is one of the most common questions we receive at Tower Body Corporate. It’s a good question, and every lot owner (or potential lot owner) is entitled to be given a comprehensive answer, and fully transparent documentation that shows exactly how the fees…

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6 Ways to Save Money on Your Strata Insurance

save money on strata insurance

6  key points to assist you and your Body Corporate to get the best possible terms out of your insurer. Make sure the grass is always greener A key thing that  potential Insurers look for is properties that are maintained regularly. A well maintained building is likely to have less claims, therefore the Body Corporate…

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Tips for Tower Body Corporate Owners – ONLINE OWNERS PORTAL

Owners portals

As an owner of a property within a building managed by Tower Body Corporate, you now have access to your owners portal, where you will find  a variety of online self-service features. The online portal allows owners and committee members to download a number of reports, documents and certificates in relation to your scheme. If…

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