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Transparent Financial Management

Effective Body Corporate financial management is absolutely crucial.

Of course, every Lot Owner wants the value of their asset to be maintained and increase over time, but sometimes disagreements over administrative, maintenance and capital costs can result in property values falling if issues are not properly managed and resolved.

Efficient collection of levies, responsible cost management and accurate accounting is crucial for every Body Corporate, and this is what we excel at.


Easy Payment Process

We provide our clients with plenty of advanced notice of when levy payments are due.

We make it easy by providing every Lot Owner with online access to Strata Pay through our website.

Simply enter your unique code, log in and you will be provided with up to 8 different ways to pay.

You can also access all your important financial records, and BC meeting minutes, at any time through our online access to Strata Max.


Effective Debt Recovery

We take overdue levy payments very seriously, because it affects all Lot Owners, in many ways.

The process and body corporate debt recovery systems we use have proven to be consistently effective in recovering overdue levies.

Many of our clients have told us of the positive change in financial circumstances that our team has made within the first few months of taking over body corporate management of their building.

Body corporate fee recovery is governed by strict legislation, and our processes and systems are fully compliant with requirements.


Transparent Cost Management

We believe that every Lot Owner, of every Body Corporate scheme we manage, should understand exactly what each of the costs are for running and maintaining the property.

Sometimes, when we have taken on a Scheme and reviewed the financial records, we’ve seen a range of cost items listed with just accounting codes –  which mean nothing to anyone.  They are a way of hiding costs.

We take care to manage costs effectively and to provide Lot Owners with fully detailed financial records that are easy to understand.


Audited Accounting

We take care of all accounting, including preparation of BAS and tax returns and end of financial year reconciliations.  If required, and approved at an AGM, we can also arrange for a full independent audit of the accounts.

Records and accounts are stored online and can be accessed by the Committee or any Lot Owner, whenever required – 24/7.

We love what we do