Strata Management

Managing a property community with lots of Unit Owners has several names which can be confusing.  To keep it simple, we’re going to stay with Body Corporate Management.  Common names include all those listed below – but basically they all mean the same thing!

  • Strata Management
  • Body Corporate Management
  • Owners Corporation
  • Group Title Management
  • Scheme Management
  • Community Title Management

Whatever you prefer to call it, it can be an onerous task, and it often seems to be expensive, particularly if it is not managed well.

Tower Body Corporate is not the least or the most expensive.

What we do have is outstanding personalised service to committees and Lot Owners.

Our job is to preserve the value of your asset, to take on the time-consuming tasks of managing your scheme in a proper and compliant way, to keep Lot Owners up to date and informed, and to help ensure your community is an enjoyable place to live.

We love what we do