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The Residential Rental Hub is a central point established by the Queensland Government where you can fi..


The Residential Rental Hub

The Residential Rental Hub is a central point established by the Queensland Government where you can find information and support on the COVID-19 changes affecting renting in Queensland.

If you are the owner of a rental property, you should read this.

The Government is seeking to emphasise that “It’s never been more important to ensure people do not have to face the prospect of homelessness, than during this global pandemic. It’s critical from a public health perspective that people can self- isolate in their own homes, and this means ensuring that they can remain in their rental properties for the duration of this crisis.

The Hub contains separate sections for:

  • ‘Renters’ – explaining there will be a freeze on evictions for 6 months for Queensland renters experiencing financial distress due to the impacts of COVID-19, along with a series of ‘Frequently asked questions’; and
  • ‘Property owners’ – referring to a range of measures to support the residential rental sector in response to COVID-19, including a freeze on evictions due to rent arrears, along with a series of ‘Frequently asked questions’.

Property owners should liaise closely with their property manager/letting agents to ensure they understand and are able to assess what impact these measures will have on their particular circumstances.

By Tammy Lynch

Growing up I always dreamed of travelling overseas and seeing the world, and what started as a 12-month journey turned into 14 years! Settled back into Australia now, and relishing the challenges of Body Corporate Management.

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