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Body Corporate Management

There’s a lot you need to know about to ensure a body corporate scheme is compliant with the relevant legislation and procedural requirements.

And, depending on the size of the scheme, there can be a lot of work involved with managing the administrative and communication tasks, in a timely and effective way.

Every body corporate has two choices.

Here’s what we take care of for you.


Financial Management

  • Preparation of budgets and payment of supplier invoices
  • Streamlined collection of levies and provision of system for levy debt recovery
  • Management of financials and Lot Owner accounts
  • Engaging of audit firms when required
  • Processing of BAS and TAX returns (with a tax agent)

Administrative Management

  • Insurance coverage and renewals, and processing of insurance claims
  • Obtaining periodic valuations of all common property that needs to be insured
  • Liaison with legal counsel with regard to legal issues
  • Maintaining all registers that need to be kept
  • Attending to correspondence
  • Working collaboratively with building operational staff

Asset Management

  • Ensuring statutory compliance to the BCCMA and other Fire and Plant registration requirements
  • Facilitating the preparation of a maintenance plan
  • Arranging quotations and repairs for building maintenance

Meeting Management

  • Preparation and distribution of notices, agendas and minutes
  • Taking meeting minutes
  • Attending all Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and Committee Meetings
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Community Management

  • Assistance with process for creating or amending by-laws
  • Lodgement with Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy
  • Distribution of by-laws to Lot Owners
Dispute Mediation

Dispute Mediation

  • Facilitation to ensure disputes are handled quickly and compliantly
  • Assistance with implementing the 3-step process defined by the Act.

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