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Any Lot Owner in a body corporate has the power to submit a motion or a proposal to engage and even appoint new management.

You have two options for changing body corporate management in Queensland…

  1. Submitting the Motion as a Lot Owner– Lot Owners can submit a motion in writing for consideration by the committee at the next general meeting. For annual general meetings, owners are required to be invited to submit motions for the agenda. However, the owner has a right to submit a motion at any time as long as it’s received by the secretary prior to the body corporate’s financial year end.
  2. Submitting a Proposal to the Committee for Consideration– An owner has the right to submit a proposal to the committee for an alternative body corporate company to assume control. The proposal will be reviewed and put forward to the general meeting from the committee. In this instance, however, the committee has no obligation to include the proposal during the next general meeting.

Take a look at these resources to help you change your body strata manager: How To Nominate a New Body Corporate Manager BCCM: Body corporate manager – How to terminate a body corporate manager If you are still unsure about how to take the first step towards change body corporate managers, Tower Body Corporate can help. Simply submit the form here: Request a Proposal – and we’ll be in touch to help.

At Tower Body Corporate, our approach is completely different to other body corporate services. We are not interested in locking you in to a contract that is not consistent with your requirements. We are not interested in working with body corporate committees who feel that we are not the best fit. What we want is to improve your strata community by creating a proactive, efficient and profitable body corporate with a committee that works effectively for all residents and investors.

If your goal is to run a professional body corporate committee with the help of an experienced, responsive and effective team, Tower will be the perfect fit for you. We are confident that once you experience our premium service, you will set new benchmarks for how things should be done.  That’s why we provide a monthly agreement option, so you can try us out.

Call us on 07 5609 4924 or email us using our secure contact form to find out more about our monthly agreement option.

For new clients: if your body corporate committee is not yet ready to sign a long-term agreement, we are happy to provide a month by month agreement so you can try us out. We want you to experience the Tower difference and be completely happy before committing for a longer term. Once you decide you are happy to engage our body corporate services for the long term, we give you the option of signing a one-year or three-year fixed agreement.

Overdue levy payments can cause delays in important maintenance, repairs and projects. In Qld, it is required that certain monies are to be paid into a Sinking fund, and that any other money received is paid into an Administrative fund which takes care of ongoing administrative, compliance and maintenance costs. See our article Administrative Fund vs Sinking Fund? for further details.

We believe that every Lot Owner should understand exactly what each of the costs are for running and maintaining the property. Sometimes, when we have taken on a Scheme and reviewed the financial records, we’ve seen a range of cost items listed with just accounting codes - which mean nothing to anyone. They are a way of hiding costs. We take care to manage costs effectively and to provide Lot Owners with fully detailed financial records that are easy to understand. See how we ensure that Financial Management is undertaken in a professional and transparent manner.