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Community Management

Community management is, in essence, working to keep harmony within a community of people living close to each other.  This is primarily achieved by following a set of rules known as the Body Corporate bylaws.

Body Corporate Bylaws are designed to protect common areas, communal assets and “keep the peace”.  They can be structured around the standard by-laws set out by the Qld Government, or a Body Corporate can create it’s own.

We work with Committees and Lot Owners to ensure everyone is aware of the by-laws and provide access to a scheme’s by-laws – see Owners’ Resources.

If a by-law needs amending or a new one is suggested, we take care of informing every one of the required process.  This involves submitting a motion to a General meeting, and if this is passed, then we the arrange for the amendment of the Community Management Statement, and lodgement with the Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy and sharing via our Owners’ Portal.

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