How to Change Body Body Corporate Managers

One of the most popular search engine keyword phrases in the body corporate industry is ‘changing body corporate managers’change body corporate managers.  From this we know there must be a few unhappy body corporate owners out there looking to change body corporate managers.

However, where on the internet can we find the information we need about changing body corporate managers?

What exactly can we do to nominate a new body corporate manager and make the positive changes we need within our strata community?

This article will provide you with the information you require to nominate a new body corporate manager, the first step in changing body corporate managers.

How to engage a new body corporate management company

Any owner in a body corporate can submit a motion or proposal to engage/appoint a new body corporate management company.

Firstly, we suggest you do your homework about the company:

  • Read reviews on popular review sites and their social media pages
  • Find out if they’ve reduced costs by streamlining the administrative process (for example: by providing online services to owners)
  • Ensure they’re independently aligned when it comes to hiring maintenance contractors
  • Contact them with some general strata queries to see how long they take to respond

Once you’re satisfied with their capabilities and integrity, then choose either option below to nominate them.

OPTION 1. Submitting a motion as a Lot owner:

General Meeting: Owners may submit a motion as a Lot owner to be included on the agenda of the next general meeting to be held after the motion is received.

Annual General Meeting: For a motion to be included on the agenda for an annual general meeting, the motion must be received by the secretary before the body corporate’s financial year-end immediately preceding the meeting.

Owners must be invited to submit motions when nominations for the committee are requested for an annual general meeting. The invitation must be given at least 3 weeks before, but not more than 6 weeks before, the body corporate’s financial year-end.

OPTION 2. Submitting a proposal to the Body Corporate Committee for consideration

Owners may submit proposals for an alternative body corporate management company to the Committee to review,  when they are considering motions that will be put to the general meeting from the Committee.

In this instance, the Committee may or may not include the proposal in the agenda of the next general meeting – there is no obligation for them to do so.

Need more information?

If you would like further help with choosing and initiating a change in your body corporate management company, do not hesitate to email the team at Tower Body Corporate or call us on 07 5609 4924 for a confidential discussion.  We’d be delighted to help.

Building towards the future

Tower Body Corporate looks forward to working with you. Call our office today on (07) 5609 4924 to speak with a qualified body corporate management professional about your strata management or body corporate services needs.

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