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Strata Title in QLD

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Even though it’s practised in countries all over the world today, the concept of strata title as a property ownership structure started right here in Australia back in 1961. A novel concept at the time, the strata title was different to the traditional Torrens Title model, where the purchase of a freestanding home or piece…

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All you need to know about Fire Compliance, Qld

fire compliance queensland

Are you aware if your Scheme is compliant with Queensland’s fire safety rules?  We all need peace of mind that our lives and property are safe from the risk of fire. We’ve outlined here the regulations and your Body Corporate’s obligations. Under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 all buildings have annual fire compliance obligations.…

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6 Ways to Save Money on Your Strata Insurance

save money on strata insurance

6  key points to assist you and your Body Corporate to get the best possible terms out of your insurer. Make sure the grass is always greener A key thing that  potential Insurers look for is properties that are maintained regularly. A well maintained building is likely to have less claims, therefore the Body Corporate…

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Do you have paid Committee Members sitting on your Body Corporate Board?

paid committee members

Are you an owner in a Body Corporate where members are claiming payment for their service to the committee? If so, are you aware whether approval for payment has been carried out by following the correct procedure? If not, then the payments could be illegal. Just like any other outgoings, payment of committee members must…

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