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A step forward in contractor compliance

For your safety and protection, Tower have engaged a company to systematise monitoring of contractor compliance across all of our schemes.

Tower have partnered with Arm-CC to ensure contractors attending site are properly qualified and insured to attend your scheme.

Tower are happy to advise that we have recently signed an agreement with Arm-CC to monitor contractor compliance across all of our schemes.

Contractor compliance: What does this mean?

Well, every time a contractor attends your site, the body corporate carries a risk if that contractor suffers an accident or injury or if they cause one to someone else. If the contractor isn’t adequately insured or qualified, any liability from that incident could be (and in real life practice often is) transferred to the body corporate. That risk is mitigated if the contractor has their own insurance and the necessary qualifications to undertake the work.

The checking of licences and registrations often falls on body corporate managers, but of course, it is hard to keep track of the many thousands of contractors we deal with, so Arm have been engaged to systematise this process. The system has been running successfully in the background over the last few months with many contractors we deal with on your behalf already set up.

Now, every time Tower sends a work order or pays an invoice, we check the compliance status of the contractor to see if they are up to date. If not, we ask the contractor to register and, provided they do so, there is no problem. The compliance checks occur on a rolling basis so if a contractor has submitted insurance documents for twelve months they will be asked to so again when that period is finished.

We expect there will be a few people who don’t want to register and, in that instance, we will advise the Committee that they may be engaging a contractor who poses a risk to the body corporate and the Committee should consider if they want to continue the relationship. Registration for contractors is free and all good contractors are, of course, happy to demonstrate they have the capacity to do the job, so it is a considerable red flag if someone is not keen to sign up. It’s worth noting that even the smallest contractors still need to have insurance, at least – if they don’t and they work at your property, you carry the risk.

From the Body Corporate perspective, there will be a small additional fee of four dollars per lot per annum added to our contracts moving forwards. This is at cost. Tower do not make any profit from the system and indeed the company has paid the initial advance costs of the set-up. We are aware that costs across many areas are rising for owners, but we view this checking as an essential safety measure for body corporates moving forward and hopefully it is a small expense incurred to prevent a much larger one of a claim from an uninsured contractor.

If you have any questions about how contractor compliance works, please feel free to contact your manager. Otherwise, we hope it provides you with the peace of mind that your building is taken care of and the system can just hum away in the background.

For more about Arm-CC please see their website:



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