Party time! Your rights and responsibilities

Apartment party rules

So, you want to invite a few friends over for a big event. Maybe you’ve got something going on outside your door or under your balcony (Gold Coast 600 fans, this is for you). Or maybe you just want to celebrate a big zero-ending birthday. How many people can you invite to your apartment, and…

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How To Manage Parking Dilemmas At Your Complex

Parking in strata complexes

If you’ve lived in a strata complex for more than a few months, you’ll be well aware of the premium you and your fellow residents place on parking spaces. Regardless of the age or size of your building, in a world where the number of cars is growing, where to put them when we’re not…

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The “New Normal” of Assigning Management Rights

Assigning management rights

Depending on the size of your apartment complex, you may have a live-in building manager. If this is the case, your manager will have bought the “management rights” to your building, which they will run as a business on-site. A building manager has myriad responsibilities, including managing the building’s general upkeep and security, coordinating tradespeople…

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