The “New Normal” of Assigning Management Rights

Assigning management rights

Depending on the size of your apartment complex, you may have a live-in building manager. If this is the case, your manager will have bought the “management rights” to your building, which they will run as a business on-site. A building manager has myriad responsibilities, including managing the building’s general upkeep and security, coordinating tradespeople…

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What’s in a name? The roles people play in looking after your building

Building manager’s role

The apartment lifestyle can be great. You have your own space, security, and the added extras of shared facilities like a pool, gym, theatre and more. Your body corporate fees go towards keeping your building complex in trim so you can enjoy the pleasures of a well-maintained environment, without the pain of having to do…

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Home Security is Everyone’s Job

Deposit photos

“If you think living in a multi-storey residential apartments means break-ins aren’t possible, think again!” said Acting Sergeant Danielle Bright in a recent Queensland Police blog. Thieves can be very opportunistic, often on the lookout for not-quite-shut balcony doors and other access points. And don’t underestimate their determination – or their athleticism. Acting Sergeant Bright…

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