Home Security is Everyone’s Job

Deposit photos

“If you think living in a multi-storey residential apartments means break-ins aren’t possible, think again!” said Acting Sergeant Danielle Bright in a recent Queensland Police blog. Thieves can be very opportunistic, often on the lookout for not-quite-shut balcony doors and other access points. And don’t underestimate their determination – or their athleticism. Acting Sergeant Bright…

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Not So Secret Squirrel: What To Expect At Your Building AGMs

Body corporate annual general meeting

Welcome to the community “It was an eye-opening experience for me—both stressful and exciting,” says Julie, of buying her first apartment. “I’m settling in well though. I’ve been getting to know my neighbours, and the building manager better; and I love that we’ve got a gym and pool on site! I just need to figure…

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