Body Corporate Committee

What are Body Corporate By-Laws?

Corporate Funds

Body Corporate By-Laws are a set of rules that enable the Body Corporate to control and manage common property areas, the body corporate assets, and the use of lots. Whether you’re a non-resident investor, an owner occupier or a tenant,  you are required to abide by these by-laws. It’s a good idea to give new…

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What is the Role of the Body Corporate Committee?

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Ever wondered exactly about the role of the Committee, how it gets elected and what the Executive Committee members are supposed to do? We’ve put together this overview, which we hope makes it easy to understand the “whys” and “whats” of a body corporate committee. Why is a Body Corporate Committee necessary? In Queensland, it’s…

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QLD: The Body Corporate, BC Committee and BC Manager

BC Committee & BC Manager

Confused about what constitutes a ‘Body Corporate’ and what the roles of a Body Corporate Committee and a Body Corporate Manager are? Let’s explain it. The Body Corporate A Body Corporate is formed when subdivided land is registered in order to create a Community Titles Scheme. The individual Scheme can consist of a variety of…

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