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Tower Joins Strata Community Australia

Tower Body Corporate are happy to advise our customers that we have become members of Strata Community Association (SCA), the peak body for the body corporate industry.

Tower Body Corporate are happy to advise our customers that we have become members of Strata Community Association (QLD), the peak industry body for body corporate and community title management (strata management) in Queensland.

What does this mean for owners? Nothing immediate other than seeing a new logo on our webpage confirming membership, but SCA are one of the key bodies driving forward the professionalisation of the body corporate industry and we are excited to be part of the process.

At Tower, we hope to already be meeting a professional standard, but we know that as an industry there is still a long way to go in achieving this. Becoming SCA members gives us an opportunity to play our part in developing and improving the industry for all members.

From an internal perspective, membership means that we sign up to the SCA’s standards for professional and ethical conduct of our business.

It also means all of our staff have to undertake mandatory training to keep up to date with the industry. Over the next couple of years, we hope that SCA will be able to introduce a licensing system for managers, already in place in other states, and this system will lead to a more consistent standard among body corporate managers and better service delivery for customers.

Becoming members also puts us in better touch with the wider industry, to see and hear how others are doing things. That in turn gives us a chance to look at what we do as a company and review where there is room for improvement. Expect some updates over the next few months and, for what it is worth, we are always happy to take on board any feedback : )

The Queensland Branch of the SCA is active in engaging government and other stakeholders in the industry about how it can work better for owners and Tower hope that by swelling its ranks, greater authority is added to the message they are sending out. One way or another, the next decade in body corporate management is going to be a period of constant change and development and we hope to be a part of that to create a stronger industry for all.

Find out more about the SCA in Queensland here.

You can find a copy of the SCA’s code of conduct here.

SCA (QLD) member logo


If you have any questions about this topic, please mail William Marquand at will.marquand@towerbodycorporate.com.au.

3 replies on “Tower Joins Strata Community Australia”

Recently we reviewed the maintenance records for the fire safety installations for compliance.
We have left this to our body corporate management company, upon review we have found that the service company engaged does not hold the correct Qld licenses for the works carried out.
The documentation provided does not have the required information and the services and repairs have not been completed in a timely manner. This could have serious implications.
Who would be responsible ? Does the responsibility stay with the body corporate or is that the responsibility of the management company ?

Hi Chris,

We can’t really give you a legal answer on the liability, but generally speaking body corporate managers only issues work orders on behalf of the body corporate so the liability would lie with the body corporate. There may be a more nuanced view depending on the information, and you may not think that is fair, but I think that would be the start point of a discussion.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be happy with your managers – particularly if they have advised you that they were checking the companies they booked on your behalf.

It’s also possible that the managers had been told by the fire company that they had the competency to do the required works.

Either way, it is a salutary lesson as body corporate owners need to make sure they are protected from inappropriately licensed contractors and you may need to discuss how your body corporate company approaches this.



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