Qld Strata Scheme Size

Strata Data: National Report Reveals the Sector’s True Scale

Did you know that 7% of Queenslanders live in apartments, and 38% live alone? Strata stats report released. . .

Deposit photos

Home Security is Everyone’s Job

“If you think living in a multi-storey residential apartments means break-ins aren’t possible, think again!” said Acting Sergeant Danielle Bright…

Body corporate annual general meeting

Not So Secret Squirrel: What To Expect At Your Building AGMs

Welcome to the community “It was an eye-opening experience for me—both stressful and exciting,” says Julie, of buying her first…

shopping trolley in residential towers

The Great Trolley Chase: Are your building’s lifts out of bounds?

Can you take shopping trolleys in residential towers? The answer depends on what kind of trolley it is.

building sustainability

How building sustainability can be a communal activity

Going greener in your scheme is beneficial for everyone. Achieving building sustainability is a community activity. Here’s how.

balcony garden

Things to consider when creating a balcony garden

Creating a balcony garden – discover what you need to check on, how to plan, what to plant and important maintenance tips.

buying into a strata scheme

Things That Must be Disclosed when Buying a Lot in a Scheme

A checklist of info you should be given and things you need to know before you settle on your new unit.

proxy votes

Proxy Votes: should you give your voting right to someone else?

Gathering proxy votes is common practice in body corporates. It’s a way for active lot owners to gain more votes…