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New report shows changing insurance picture

Premium costs have risen fifty percent over a four-year period

September saw the release of a major new report into insurance cover for the body corporate industry.

It is the first substantial investigation of its kind and adds some valuable …

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Get the vote out using online voting

Is your next meeting going to be online?

Did you know that Tower can now arrange your meetings so that owners can vote online? You do now.

The facility to hold meetings this way has been in place for a …

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Building Insurance Valuations: a user’s guide

Understanding and keeping building insurance valuations up to date can help control the costs of rising premiums.

For most body corporate schemes, the cost of insuring the building is the highest line item on the budget. Recent years have seen …

Body Corporate Committee

Body Corporate Committee Members are Undervalued

The work of body corporate committee members is unquantified and the work they do goes unseen.

In Tower’s recent survey of body corporate owners, we asked whether owners would favour making payments to committee members for the work they do. …

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Cost Concerns Drive Body Corporate Agenda

Almost half of body corporate owners list rising costs as the number one concern at their scheme.

Tower’s Survey Monkey Data has found that 47 per cent of respondents listed rising costs as the primary concern at their scheme. Related …

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That Sinking Feeling – Your Sinking Fund Forecast

When was the last time your scheme really had a look at its sinking fund forecast? That is, really had a look and considered the recommendations for savings and maintenance and thought about where your site sits within them. If …

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Pros of Electronic Voting – Now More Owners Can Have Their Say

Electronic voting can promote faster, more accurate voting while encouraging more owners to have their say.

Have you ever seen your body corporate manager shuffling reams of paper at a meeting while they calculate vote tallies and wondered if there …

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Can Preventative Maintenance Save Rising Strata Insurance Costs?

Bodies Corporate should prepare for rising strata insurance costs by proactively managing claims and carrying out preventative maintenance.

It’s an unfortunate reality but insurers are predicting substantial annual increases in body corporate premiums over the next couple of years.

Insurance …